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Why Spy?

Why spy?

scene of an accident

I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about the ethical question of whether or not “spying” on loved ones was an acceptable practice. I would like to believe that I can trust my family and friends not to text and drive, speed, or drive while incapacitated in some way… but we are all human. As such, we make serious mistakes. I, for one, always make better decisions when I know that I’ll be held accountable for my actions.


I have heard of these pledges that kids and parents take not to text and drive, or not to speed with children in the car, but what is that really doing to prevent these things from happening? The answer? Not much. The temptation to make these decisions is often too great, and the reward is that you escape unharmed even though texting while driving makes a person 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, all too often the true wake up call is one in which someone is seriously injured or even killed. By then, it is too late. In 2011, 23% of auto accidents were caused by cell phones… that is 1.8 million crashes.


So, how do we do better? How do we keep our promises? We make a decision, as a community, to become accountable to each other. We share this service with the people we love because we need it as much as they do. It is not Big Brother. It is Big Family.


Here is a link to these statistics: