4-wheel-drive does not make you invincible in the snow.

snow rolled jeep

I see it almost every snow storm. Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs fill the ditches. You still have to brake and accelerate carefully. Here are my tips for staying safe while driving in the snow.

  • Do not brake or accelerate through corners. This is the foremost cause of accidents. Any sudden shift of the vehicles center of gravity coupled with a dramatic change in velocity will cause you to lose traction. This is how drifting works.
  • Do not slam brakes or accelerator. This will cause you to loose traction quickly.
  • Do not over correct. When you start to slide, the best chance you have of correcting is to make light steering corrections to keep your vehicle on the road.

Stay safe.

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Keep your pets safely isolated in the rear seat.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


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Winter advisory.

oopsieBe wary of icy conditions in these tempsĀ 

Winter weather driving tip.

Worn tire.

Given our recent bout with winter weather be wary. This tire was damaged while spinning the tires in snow. Excessive spinning in snow, ice, sand, or mud can do loads of damage. Check your tires for damage before entering the roadways.

You can report any drivers you might see using faulty equipment via our website. If they are setup to receive alerts they will get the message. You may save a life.